Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is there smoke in here?

This is what happens when you hang Christmas Stockings on your mantle, have a husband who does his manly thing and builds a warm, blazing fire, and then forgets to open the chimney flue. These are the remains of the stocking I am going to recreate. The woman I am doing this for only had a picture of the stocking from about 35 or so years ago, but then when she visited her daughter this summer, she actually found this. Her daughter doesn’t know that mom took it, or what mom is up to.

What’s interesting after looking at these charred remains is that you can tell it was made of wool. Wool stops burning when the fire source is removed. If this was acrylic, there would be melted fibers. Luckily for me, the intarsia section is pretty intact, so I am going to chart it out using my new software Stitch and Motif maker, and then it’s off to the races. I am going to use Cascade 220 with a little angora for the Santa’s beard.

Had a sock class at the LYS last night, and Louise showed up with a nice Cabernet. Knitting and wine, as always a lovely combination. The socks are looking good, there are some over achievers that have two going at once.

I have to get charting on the mittens, after I figure out my software. Looks to be a lovely day here in God’s Country. Don’t you just love those bright, crystal clear blue skies?


Joanne said...

Good luck with the sock.... you've got yourself a challenge there, but how rewarding it will be when you succeed... and you WILL succeed!

Did you see the gorgeous sunrise this morning? Incredible!

Kris said...

You go girl!