Monday, November 13, 2006

Where did the year go?

Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away, and Christmas is right around the corner. It just seems to me that this year has flown by. Maybe it’s because I was on and off airplanes for most of the past six months. Maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of a big case at work which has consumed my attention and energy for what seems like months. Maybe it’s because of how big the boys look; they are just not my babies anymore. And the little one just switched to swimming lessons in the lane pool, which of course scares him, but puts him in the big boy category.

But what really points out to me how fast the year has flown by is a couple of things. First - all of the different projects that I have taught at the LYS, and the many friends I have met there that add their own special threads to the fabric of my life. The second is all the projects that I thought I would get finished during the year, which are still up on needles. There are so many of them that I would like to be wearing in this nice, cool Colorado weather. There are so many I want to finish by Christmas. I need to spend some serious time in the yarn room and prioritize some projects.

To add to the mix, I am probably going to knit a project for a woman that contacted me last year. It’s just a Christmas stocking, but I am going to be recreating a stocking from a picture and the remains of a burned stocking – I don’t know the details of what happened yet. I am meeting her today to see what she has, and what I can come up with. I really don’t need to add this to my list of projects, but she seems like a real nice woman, who wants to surprise her daughter.

I have my new knitting software to play with. I am going to try to chart out Latvian mittens for my class on Saturday. If this doesn’t work, it’s back to the colored pencils and knitter’s graft paper.

Oh, I promised some more Stitches. On Friday morning of course I spent more time in the market, doing a leisurely stroll among the booths to see what I didn’t see Thursday night. In the afternoon I attended a hounds tooth class given by Jean Frost. She gave us about 14 different stitch patterns, and of course she had a few of her gorgeous jackets. After swatching many of the patterns, I found that I liked the looks of the slipped stitch hounds tooth best. And it really looks nice in Alpaca. I’m putting that on the future list for a jacket design. Friday night was the designer fashion show. Lots of lace from Victorian Lace. What was disappointing was that they used stick thin models with purchased chests. Things just did not look right. Stitches West usually has some models that look like normal women. My outfit that I bought from Great Yarns looked great, and there was a killer Jane Slicer Smith coat that will be in the next issue of Knitters that is definitely going to be made by me.

Well, time to get back to my real job.


Leanne said...

I so agree, time goes too fast. Good to see you today. I need to hear more about Stitches East!

Joanne said...

I agree with the part about time flying. It comes from being busy.

What software did you buy?