Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stitch and Pitch

Saturday night was the second annual Stitch and Pitch for the noon-time knitters (minus two) at Coors Field. Here we are Sharon, me in pink, Denise and a new addition to the group - Denise's daughter Renee. She's not a knitter but give her time. We were missing Leanne and Kris, although we DID call them from the game and they didn't answer their phones! Imagine that, the nerve! Denise was working on socks, Sharon - lace (learned my lesson last year and brought something else), and me on a Vivian Hoxboro shawl.
But we did have fun, beer, hot dogs, knitting, lots of knitters, boys playing ball, who could ask for more? And of course, the Rockies won, which was icing on the cake. I did have fun walking from the train to the field. I was checking out people's bags to see who had yarn and needles in them. These people did:
Knitters all over this section. Our other noon time knitter Cathy was sitting way up in the nose bleed section, but she said that there was a lovely breeze up there.
But it's back to work this week, and back to knitting that needs to get done. A lot of work on the Hanging Garden stole needs to be done, and on everything else. Working is getting in the way of things that are more enjoyable. Hmmm. Need to win that lottery!
Enjoy your night, the boys are playing the Fish (Marlins) and Holiday just hit a 3 run RBI. Got a game to watch!


Anonymous said...

Great picture! Brings back good memories from last year ---- and it was really good of you to call and check up on me when I didn't show! -- Kris

Purple Princess said...

Looks like fun. Sorry I missed your call but pretty sure it was an obnoxious one! Maybe next year I 'll get up the nerve to go. Thanks for thinking of me.