Wednesday, July 18, 2007

So terribly unorganized

I am so unorganized right now, both at work and at home. All the traveling has finally caught up to me and I am surrounded by chaos. Piles here, piles there, things to do. Chaos.

But I hope to be home for a while, so that gives me some time to fix this. And baseball season is almost over for the boys, so the practices and games will be over, but then we are back to swimming lessons. I think I need a wife.Isn't this pretty? It's some flowers on my butterfly bush that seemed to double in size while I was in Michigan and Indiana last week. I hope to see some more bees on it. It's really sad that the bee population is dwindling. I don't let the boys near any bees because I don't want them disturbed.

Projects - hmm. I want FOs this month, but the main projects, Lady Eleanor and the Hanging Garden Stole need a lot of work. And I want to finish the Sangria skirt, and the Crystal Cove pullover. Don't think it's going to happen though.

I spent an enjoyable evening with Leanne ( and her "gang" at Knit Nack last night. Grabbed some supper and a glass of wine next door at Bliss then went back to knit. There had to be at least 16 knitters hanging around last night. Judy (Fiber Experiences) and Nachele were there too. Different projects, young knitters, "older" knitters all. Nice night.
Well, it's back to school night (year round schools) and then straight to baseball practice. I've got to grab some knitting and run. Enjoy your night!

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