Tuesday, July 24, 2007

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium..

I'm thinking about vacations. Maybe it's because it's so hot here, or maybe because I just bought the tickets to go to Florida in November, or maybe it's because a friend of mine is going to Hawaii on Friday. (Hawaii in the summer though, not for me!) I want to go somewhere, preferably cool, maybe with snow, just no heat, I want out of this heat. The Alps maybe, or the North Pole, anywhere I can wear a sweater would be fine with me. But.....if I have to be in the heat, then I want to look like a 20 year old with a fabulous bod, and be lying on the beach on an island somewhere with good looking men fanning me and getting me cold margaritas. Yes, that would be okay.

But I'm here where it's hot. This is me knitting outside of the Denver Children's Museum on Sunday with the birthday boy. The white thing is a pattern hanging out of my knitting bag. My baby's birthday. It's a big deal because he wasn't supposed to make it. When I was pregnant with the little guy the doctors said doesn't look good, probably won't make it. But he did. And look at him now, my baby is 5. Wow! So he picked the Children's Museum as the place he wanted to go. He and big brother love the fire truck (actual fire truck parked inside the museum), and of course the ant hill. They dress up in ant costumes and if they had their way, they would stay in the ant hill all day. Though older brother decided to dress up as a bunny this time. They had fun.

Since I'm not on vacation, I have to go to work. I finished some pleadings today. Total page count including all the supporting documents - 127 pages. I am so glad that is done. Someone is going to be very unhappy when they get served with those. I can't wait!
I started this on the way to work. On the bus. I don't know if you can see the beads, but they are a bear to get on this yarn because the yarn splits. It's about 8 stands of cotton, so when I try to pull it through a bead, it ends up leaving one strand or two outside and I have to start over. But this should be very pretty. It's a Rowan tank I am adding beads to. I wonder how fast it can be knit?
Anyone going to Stitch and Pitch on Saturday? Speaking of the Rockies, the other half is at the game tonight, because I got to go knit last Tuesday night. But he goes out of town tomorrow, so I think he got the better part of the deal.
Well, I need to check on the boys outside. Rain anywhere? Nope. I'm hoping for snow.


Anonymous said...

You started that on the bus? Wow, it is gorgeous! Everything you knit is amazing and to think you can create such beauty on the bus!

Debi said...

Is that Bonita with beads? I added beads to mine as well and just finished. She's blocking as I write this.

Judy said...

Beads on the bus - I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

That is crazy! Also, we are the only gals that live wayyyyyyyyy down South and drive up to knit with the Arvada knitters!

Are you knitting anywhere down here on Saturday? I want to get out (take a break from packing) and knit for a while. Do you want to meet somewhere?

Purple Princess said...

Love the bead work.