Sunday, January 07, 2007

A view out the front door

Snow, snow and more snow. Last night a scraper went down the street in front of the house to clear some of the ice and snow which has not melted, followed by a loader that removed some of the piles of snow, where he put them, I do not know. Three storms in less than three weeks dumped over 5 feet of snow on our neighborhood. And it's cold, it was 19 degrees this morning when I dragged my butt to the gym after staying up too late last night playing dominoes at my friend's house. I have hit the gym four times since Tuesday, so today I am sore.

I started a diet yesterday. It's amazing how everything that is bad for you looks so good when you want to lose weight. I am trying to get back to what I weighed when I met my husband. He is being very supportive, which is nice, because he is very thin naturally. It didn't take much for me to weigh more than him when I was pregnant with the boys.

The picture has some knitting and my contracts outline. I knit while I study so I don't get too crazed by trying to remember legal garbage that I flushed from my brain 9 or more years ago. Yes, that is some lace weight Zephyr on the needles. I needed a lace project that I didn't have too think too much about, so I picked up this shawl which was already on the needles. I am not going to say what it is yet, but it is gorgeous and I'm hoping to complete it in record time.

Okay, I have been quiet, but since the game is tomorrow night, for goodness sake - I have to say something. After all, I have to watch it in a bar in Dallas, since I have a quick trip there tomorrow. I am a huge, obnoxious University of Florida fan, who LOVES college football. And my team is in the BCS championship game. No one thinks we will win, even the sportscasters. Well, we shall see tomorrow night.

GO GATORS!!!!!!!!

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