Friday, January 05, 2007

G is for Girlfriends....

Here's a bit of fun that I got from Joanne over at Keep Talking. The way this works is that you get a letter from someone and then you have to list ten things, themes, theories, etc. in your life that begin with that letter. My letter is "G", so here goes:

1. Girlfriends – What and where would I be without my Girlfriends. They come in all shapes and forms, all ages, and some are guys who are so great, they qualify as girlfriends. Friends to laugh and cry with, to knit with, to party with, and who just make you happy when they walk in a room or send you an email.

2. Gauge – Well this had to be there. The bain of every knitter’s existence. The bain of my sock knitting experience for all of those ridiculous sock patterns of 72 and 80 stitches. Thanks to you I visit the frog pond on many occasions.

3. Gifts – my boys. Two miracles from God. Enough said.

4. Gobstoppers – I love these jawbreakers. I know I have a box at home on the candy shelf. I snuck them into the Bar exam in California where horrors of horrors you weren’t allowed food. They do make a lot of noise though, when dropped on a hard wood floor.

5. Gynos – Don’t we hate going? This will be a little cold. Just relax. Okay, after I kick you…..

6. Guitar – Just signed up my oldest for guitar lessons which he has asked for during the last year. Could he be the next Eddie Van Halen? Do I need earplugs?

7. Gross – hey, it’s a good word for a number of occasions, especially when my boys say “excuse me, I tooted…”

8. Great Lakes – I used to live 4 blocks from Lake Michigan, moved there when I was 6 years old. Boy it got cold during the winter when the wind blew in off of the lake. I remember going tobogganing down Lake Shore hill with my older brother and sister and my dad.

9. Gloria – Two, make that three great songs. First, Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Then of course Van Morrison’s classic Gloria. Always sing that baby loud and spell it out. Then Laura Branigan’s disco classic Gloria. I have been known to dance my butt off when that tune is played.

10. Genius – I’m not one, but I am a member of Mensa. Surprised? I think the testers were too!

email me if you want a letter.

Well, this was fun, now back to work. Five more inches of snow today, anyone need some?

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Joanne said...

G for Good. Your list was!