Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I am not working today. I am going to the local LYS to meet Debbie Bliss, listen to her speak on how she designs her beautiful sweaters, knit, eat the lunch that is being catered in, and just have a great day with my knitting friends.

The Forest Path Shawl is up. I received my Cashmere from the UK and it's up on needles. I have lusted over this shawl since 2003, and this is my shawl priority until it is done. And there are 20 other knitters putting this up to keep me company while this is being knit.

I'm off to the shop. I can only hope for you that your day is as good as I am sure mine will be. Oh, and it's supposed to be above freezing! Life is good in God's Country!

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Agnes said...

So you are another knitter who started early! I am eager to start but I think I will try to finish a plain stocking stitch sweater for my husband first ... so I'll wait until Feb 1! Melissa from has also started ... go and check her progress. :)
There are more than 30 knitters in the KAL now ... wooo!