Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Shaynem dank dir im pupik!

Do you know what that translates to? Many thanks in your belly button. Yeah – I laughed too. I was looking through the Yiddish dictionary at work and found that. I will have to remember it the next time I need to thank someone profusely.

What I was looking for was the spelling Farklempt, i.e. overcome. I am overloaded, inundated, and just have way too many things that I want to knit, with no time. I received beautiful sock yarn in the mail yesterday and the day before. I also received the deep rich yarn to make a gorgeous shawl. But, holy crap, I HAVE SO MUCH UP ON NEEDLES ALREADY!!!!

Nothing is going to get done. I want to work on everything and my job and everything else is getting in the way. I have samples to knit for classes. I don’t even want to take time to organize the unbelievable mess I call a yarn room. I need a temp for work, a wife for home and a cabin boy – for whatever.

When they started manufacturing all these beautiful fibers, they didn’t realize they were starting a new addition – Yarn whores or yarnaholics. Hello my name is “fill in your own name” and I am a yarnoholic. It is so hard to resist the temptation to buy. How these women can start one project before buying any new yarn is totally beyond any comprehension on my part. Now, I will admit that the yarn that came in the mail was ordered in 2006, so I haven’t been too bad in the early part of 2007. I did buy some lace weight, for projects out of Victorian lace and another unbelieveable shawl that is going up on needles in February . I have wanted to knit that one for at least 3 years.

So, I need a plan. Boy do I need a plan. Yarn pictures tomorrow, I promise.

By the “weigh” I’ve lost 3 pounds on the diet. 12 to 17 more to go.

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Joanne said...

I know exactly what you mean... and for both us, working part time in a yarn store part time definitely makes it harder, doesn't it? I'm working on my "X-mas Rock" tonight. A Shaynem dank dir im pupik for the yarn!

I'm looking forward to seeing your new yarns. I'll be checking in tomorrow!