Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweaters, snow and studying

Diane, me, Debbie Bliss, Denise, Leanne, Kris and Kate
Here is a picture of the usual suspects with Debbie of course, at Highlands Ranch String on Wednesday. What a great day. We enjoyed listening to Debbie talk and saw many of her beautiful sweaters, some from her upcoming book and booklets. The consensus was that the majority of sweaters would look good on various body types and that sweaters we never would have thought of knitting, because of how they look on the "stick" models should be moved to the must knit list. There was a cape that I never thought of knitting for myself, that several people told me looked fabulous. Her designs take advantage of the drape of the yarn and she allows ease in the sweaters. I am now thinking that some of her sweaters that I have up on needles may be too big. Hmm....
Yesterday was the Dale Knitter's meeting, and it was a day of frustration for some. I think we put the sweaters away for too long, and the knitters were just not happy. I felt crappy myself, with a brutal headache which was forecasting today's weather. Things will get better, we need to meet soon and get people cranking on these sweaters.
I have too many projects going as usual, the circular cardigan is easy, the yarn Alpaca Silk Dk feels great on my poor chapped hands, and I can work on it while I study which is a bonus. There are other things, shawls, socks and thrum mittens that are crying for attention, piled around my study and knitting chair in the front room, which I do not have time to give right now. What a mess! Friday night I met with the other Starmore knitters and pulled out Elizabeth. I am knitting it in Daletta. It should be beautiful when finished.
I am so behind in studying. I have had earphones in my ears so much listening to lectures, that even now while I sit at the computer it feels like I still have them in my ears. I am not having fun.
It is snowing. That makes 5 significant snows since December 20. Right now the snow is blowing sideways. I am not even going to try to shovel until the wind dies down. It was snowing when I left for the gym this morning at 5:45am and hasn't stopped. Hey you in other parts of the country - Please do your snow dance!!!! (But don't do it in Orlando, because I have to go there the week after next).
Well, I have played hooky from the studying and need to get back to the exciting hearsay exceptions. Happy knitting!

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Joanne said...

And the weather forecast for tomorrow... "Damn, it's still cold".

Good luck with your studying and have fun knitting. It was good to see you on Friday.