Friday, April 27, 2007

What do you think?

I have looked and looked for a picture of the Colorado Rockies to put on the blog and I think I finally found the one. It captures some of the beauty we are lucky to see living in God's Country, a mile up.

I need to pack. I went through the yarn looking for worsted weight. I did not find much. But I did find an assortment of yarn from a Vivian Hoxboro class I took, so that is going along for the color class I'm taking. There's some Lorna's laces sock yarn in lavender that's going along, with a ball of socks that rock in blues and purples. Some sort of theme here?

The bag is a new Maruca bag along with a notions holder that I picked up over at Colorful Yarns. I blame Kris for this. She loves these bags, so of course I had to look them over and buy one.
I have my supplies box, though I need to remember to put some more double points in it for the worsted weight. Sock knitting in worsted, sorry but Yuck!
I have to finally choose the clothes. The shoes will be picked first, then clothes to follow. I'm not that organized a packer and tend to really over pack. Let's see what happens today.
The Mandarin Jacket is coming along nicely. People stop and admire the colors, always a good sign. I think a completed jacket may be in May's future.
Enjoy the day!

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