Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm starting to get excited!

This is where I'll be this Sunday, along with knitters from all over the country as we set sail on the Sea Socks Cruise. It's almost here! Joanne and I along with Sharon and her friend from Florida will be flying to LA this Saturday. We will be meeting up with Nancy, Dawn and Willie from Oregon, great ladies Joanne and I met at Madrona in February 2006.
Here's the route:

I haven't packed yet. I had my own private fashion show last night, because I have too many darned shoes. I'm trying to pack the least amount of shoes which will go with the most outfits. Decisions, decisions.
The bring along knitting is already decided. I'm bringing the Koigu Mandarin jacket, which I really want to make headway on and get this gorgeous thing done. An easy shawl in Lorna's Laces Helen's lace, for the idiot knitting time (2 or more glasses of wine), and since it is a socks cruise, something is going up on needles, just not sure what. I want to make Eunny's knee highs from Interweave Knits, and since Eunny is going to be on the cruise, I want her suggestions to make them in a smaller size. I also need to put yarn aside for classes. That's right, there's plenty of classes, along with yarn crawls in San Francisco, Victoria and Vancouver. Knitting, yarn, away from all stresses, YIPPEE!!!!!!
Got to get back to work. I need to clear my desk before the week is out.
Did I mention, I find out my Colorado bar results while on the cruise? Either way, bar results = bar presence on the ship. Time to break out the idiot knitting.


Purple Princess said...

you better post lots of pictures for me to drool over while you are cruisin'. Also I know you passed and I will be looking forward to being the recipient of some wonderful sock yarn when you get back. Have a great time.

Sharon said...

I of course didn't sit for the bar, I tend to sit in them. As for passing the bar?? Are you kidding? On this cruise I don't intend to pass a single one! Bar existence = bar presence.