Sunday, April 08, 2007

A mess and a dress..

That is my knitting chair in the bedroom, which is dark, because the other half is sleeping. Pretty bad don't you think? The house is a disaster, alot of which is due to me. Let me think, which rooms have yarn in them at this moment? Answer - the kitchen, the desk in the eating area next to the kitchen, the dining room, the front room, my bedroom, the yarn room, the bathroom in the yarn room, and the basement. This is bad, very bad. Oh my. Crap. "Lucy you've got some xplaining to do."

Okay, okay, I will never win house keeper of the year, nor will I win mother of the year. I am content to do what I can, be happy or a bitch, like every normal woman on this earth, and go on. As long as I can buy yarn and knit. Oh - and buy books and shoes of course!

You know, I work full time, and try like an idiot to do everything else. So when the oldest son told me he was in a play, I said okay, let's do the mom thing and make an outrageous costume for the boy. And I can sew anything - right? So I trotted off to Joann's, bought snake skin fake fur, did I say I had to turn him into a boa constrictor? And worked on the thing for a couple of days. I made a hood, attached a 10 foot snake tail, and proudly showed it to the family. I thought it was pretty cool myself, and thought won't his friends and teacher be so impressed? Well, J came home and told me his friends thought he looked ridiculous. The other boa had a visor with googly eyes for his costume which was so cool. So again, no mother of the year, I just made my kid look ridiculous!

It's Easter, the kids are up, but haven't realized yet that their Easter baskets are hidden in the house. Good for me, since I need to jump in the shower. Oh - and it's snowing again. Oh please - let the lilacs bloom. I will be so sad if they don't.

There's a dress on needles pictured in the above mess, or should I say, there's a 4 inch portion of the bottom lace edging on needles in that mess. I have looked at that dress ever since I saw that Rowan book. I have no idea what I will wear under it, but I have yarn, needles and beads.

Went to String yesterday, where I got the yarn and the book. Cassidy looks great, her baby is due in August. Some people just look so pretty when pregnant, I just felt like a blob.

The other half has to go to Ohio to testify in a trial for a case he worked on three years ago. I don't have the heart to tell him that I just did a preliminary job on the taxes and we owe again. He gets so pissed off. I can't wait to hear the screaming. Maybe I'll tell him when he gets into the truck to leave. He can scream by himself, yep, that's the plan.... "Bye honey, and by the way we owe big bucks, have a good trip....."

Enjoy your Easter, eat that chocolate, and have a great day.

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E. Leanne said...

You should take a picture of the snake costume. What do kids know!