Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top 10 Reasons

Not much time for a post, but I read this on the Knitter's Review and thought I'd share it with you:

Top ten reasons to buy yarn:

10. Doesn’t have to be watered, fed, repotted or pruned.

9. Doesn’t have a shelf date.

8. Doesn’t need to be walked, groomed or fed. And it doesn’t shed. Usually.

7. Doesn’t need a sitter when you go out. Or someone to watch it while you’re on vacation.

6. Doesn’t need its litter box changed.

5. Doesn’t raise your blood pressure. Or your bad cholesterol.

4. Never talks back or asks to use the car and then returns it with the tank on empty or borrows your handpainted yarn socks and washes them in the machine on hot.

3. Makes a great interior design color splash even if you never use it.

2. Never changes the channel to a sports program. (It's okay if I do!)

And number 1: isn’t fattening.

1 comment:

E. Leanne said...

That is good. Also yarn doesn't talk back! See you soon.