Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day One of Our Adventure

Yesterday was the first day of our trip. Joanne and I met at the Park and Ride and caught the Sky Ride to the Denver Airport. Just $10 and you can knit all the way, not bad.

We met up with Sharon at the airport and caught our Frontier flight to LAX (we had Flip the Dolphin on the tail). Not a bad flight, though as hard as we hit the runway in LA, I was wondering if the pilot had left some parts of the plane on the runway.

We took a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, with an Iranian driver who just loved to talk. Luckily for us, some guy had to sit in the passenger seat, and got stuck listening to this guy and responded to his continual chatter, much to our delight.

Our hotel is at the Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, where there are hundreds of sail boats and yachts. We walked over to a restaurant on the other side of the marina, enjoying the scenery and reading the names on the boats. I think our favorite was "Yachta Yachta Yachta" though Sharon's friend Sherry (from Florida - met up with us at the hotel), liked "Twisted Sister." We had a nice dinner at the restaurant with a gorgeous view of the water from our table, blacked swordfish, lobster bisque, steamed asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes and some cheese bread to die for, and of course some nice white wine.

We met up with Patricia, our cruise planner and knitter from Northern California. We met some knitters from Baltimore, Connecticut, California and the Carolinas. Some of our group which we hear numbers 100, are flying in today. We still have not seen the ladies from Oregon.

Almost everyone had socks up on needles. I am working hard on Mandarin. I also saw a square for an afghan, and the bag from the last Interweave Knits. Joanne finished the first sock of the cruise, kitchnering it in the bar last night. No socks up yet for me.

Lots of humidity in the air. I was up as usual at 4:30AM, and couldn't get in the workout room until 6AM, so I walked around the hotel for 50 minutes to get some exercise because I am NOT GAINING WEIGHT THIS WEEK! Needless to say, my hair is getting curlier by the minute in this humidity, so I didn't even bother to straighten it. If I can find a computer that will let me upload pictures you may see me with enormous hair.

We get on the ship at 1PM. Can't wait. Enjoy your day!

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Purple Princess said...

Sounds so fun! I got your message and I wish I was there too. Take lots of pictures. I finished a sock, if that counts! Have fun. Leanne