Sunday, October 21, 2007


Snow. It happens every year, our pre-Halloween snow. And it is coming down, big, fat, wet flakes that stick to everything. Beautiful, but it has a price. It's heavy, and if you don't get outside and knock it off your trees, and other plants, they may break. So, if it continues, I'll be out there with a ski pole, hitting branches to dislodge the snow.

Here's my rose bush that I took a picture of with my knitting on Friday. I need to cut it back for the winter now, but the last roses were so pretty, I wanted to wait.

The boys are hoping it keeps snowing, because they want enough on the ground to build a snow fort. I've heard we may get 4 to 6 inches, but if it warms up, instead of snow, we will have slush.

It's a great day for knitting, snow outside, and warm inside. Enjoy your day!

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Anonymous said...

Love living in Colorado ~ there are so many perfect pretty knitting days! Have fun knitting!!