Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's ROCKTOBER! Like the shirt? I am so excited about the Rockies being in the National League Championship Series. My guys. I'm sure you know that I am an avid Rockies fan, putting the games on so I can knit and watch, cheering them on even before they became HOT! And now - look at my guys! They will be in the World Series and my friends, it's going to snow. We always have that pre-Halloween snow the week before Halloween and when is the series? That week. The week I am going on the knitting retreat. But if we score tickets, this girl's butt will be in a seat at Coors Field. Speaking of scoring seats, guess where we will be tomorrow night? At game 3. I don't care if it rains, I don't care if it snows. I am going to be there screaming with everyone else and dancing. Maybe get up on the Jumbotron again - who knows? Me in my long underwear. Yep - I'm there.
Okay, what else is in the picture? Purple socks of course, put up during game one of the NLCS, in honor of the Rockies. These have a cool cuff, and I changed the lace pattern for the rest of the socks. These will be short socks. My husband asked me if they would be finished tomorrow. Okay, I knit fast, but I'm not Karen from A Knitted Peace. These should be done during the World Series.

To the left in the picture is a broken Harmony needle. That's right, one of my brand new Harmony size 4 needles is broken. I don't know how I did it. I might have stepped on it (Okay - the girl throws her knitting on the floor, not in a bag, just loose, next to the bed when I can't keep the eyes open any more). The break is along a color change. Might have been a defect, but I don't know. But Knit Picks was amazing. I called them, totally prepared to pay for a replacement, and they are sending me one free. Great customer service. I am impressed.

Next in the picture is my great Pretty Posey sock sack by Nana Sadie Rose. Too cute. You pick the style bag, and the material. I knew I wanted gators of course for the Gators, but what a bonus to have an orange and blue gator bag, with blue contrast strap and an orange button. The inside is orange fabric, another score, and there 4 double point needle pockets and a bigger pocket. What a cute bag. Check out her site!

The other thing is some new sock yarn from The Woolen Rabbit. Superwash wool, 450 yards in a beautiful colorway called Tupelo Honey. Various golds. Bought some other wool too today. I was teaching at String, the Icarus Shawl class and decided that I just had to have some Rowan Felted Tweed for the Tangled Yoke cardigan. So some came home with me, imagine that. Must have just jumped into my knitting bag.

Today was a good day, except for the 3rd day of rebound headaches. I was home Wednesday with a massive headache and have had a rebound headache every day since. But I got to knit today. I was at String and today was Brenda's last day. I saw Jody and Christina, Robin, some new friends Madeline and Dani (poor girl major migraine sufferor - good knitter). The weather was not too good, but the company was great. Speaking of weather, there's a good thunderstorm over the house right now. My newly painted, just finished Friday, painted house.

Well, it's almost 9PM, and the boys are patiently? waiting for me to finish so I can open up the boxes addresses to me that hold their Halloween costumes. Have a great night. GO ROCKIES!

Oh I forgot, I'm going to have knitting slumber party. Details coming up....

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KnitNana said...

I'm so pleased you like your bag! It was fun putting the various fabrics and such together - and that gator fabric is adorable. Thank you!

I'm a headache sufferer, too, so I can feel for you...take CARE of yourself!