Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How do I choose?

One of my problems of having so much knitting up on needles, is how do you choose what to work on?

At one point in its knitting life, each project was at the top of the list. The one that had to be cast on, the one that you said to heck with a gauge swatch, I want to knit this NOW! And through no fault of its own, the yarn didn’t change, neither did the pattern, the project slowly moved down the list of must work ons, feeling neglected and wondering why it happened.

So now I am going on a knitting retreat this Thursday and I have to choose what to bring along. I always bring too many projects whenever I travel, but I rationalize it by thinking, well I might get bored with it, or I might finish it (Okay stop laughing!) or I have to have a variety of things to work on.

So, I’m trying to choose. Should it only be purple projects in honor of the World Series starting Wednesday with my Rockies in it? Should it be DH and the youngest's sweaters that I really should make an effort to finish by Christmas? Should it be the newest beaded shawl that needs to be cast on? Should I add some socks? Decisions, decisions.

I know, I’ll think about it while I’m knitting on my purple Cabled Cape during my morning telecom. I love having telecoms, shut the door, hit the mute button, listen and knit and only talk when I need to.

Gorgeous day in God’s Country, Enjoy!

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