Saturday, October 27, 2007


It's early in the morning. I have been up for over an hour and a half. And it's quiet, very quiet. I am waiting for the sun to come up, although I see a lot of clouds. I am hoping to see a beautiful sunrise. I have been peacefully knitting, enjoying my quiet time, with no interruptions. I needed this.

I am at a lodge, a beautiful log home. And I am with 14 or 15 other knitters. And the funny thing is, no one else is awake except for the owners who run this beautiful place. It's a bed and breakfast sitting right above the banks of the Arkansas River.

I'm having a good time. I met some very nice women, drank some wine, bought some yarn and a new knitting bag, and two more sheep for the knitting room, and just relaxed.

Life is good, it will be great if the Rockies win the next four games. GO ROCKIES!

Here comes the sun.....

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Joanne said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time. I know that I did when I went on this retreat a number of years ago. It's a beautiful location, isn't it?

You bought 2 sheep? What kind of sheep? Details! Pictures!