Monday, May 28, 2007

We interrupt our regularly scheduled knitting.....

Okay, it's Memorial Day Weekend, and my beautiful first born's birthday was Saturday. And I had plans. But there was something else in store.

The youngest and I woke up sick Saturday morning. I felt like I had the flu, hurt everywhere, including the hands so knitting was not much of an option. The youngest's temperature went up to 103.5, and he lost his cookies numerous times during the day. Oh, it was not fun.

I felt so bad for my oldest. Two of us sick, on his special day. So the other half spent the day with him. I guess they played catch and hit balls at the park, went to lunch, played miniature golf, and did other assorted boy things. I was told it was fun, so I felt a little better for my boy.

So, yesterday - Sunday, I went in the yarn room to take a nap because mom was still sick (it really is the guest room - but I dare anyone to find room to let a guest stay in it). Instead of napping, I started looking at yarn, and projects, reading Maggie Sefton's new book (already finished it) and getting distracted.

So I pulled out some lovely, purple, Mongolian cashmere that I had put up for a shawl over a year or so ago (probably more). Started knitting (I am supposed to be sleeping, I still feel like crud) and then stopped and looked at the shawl which was about a foot long at this point, 175 stitches per row on size 2s and thought something's not right. I checked the pattern - yep 175 stitches per row. This baby was supposed to be 23 inches wide. I thought there is no way, this is looking huge. But it had been so long since I had started this.

So now I knew I wasn't going to get any sleeping done. I pulled out a tape measure and measured it. It was 32 inches wide! What in the world was I thinking? I sure couldn't remember. So ripppppppppppppppppppp! And cast back on. This time, 139 stitches. I am on row 9 of much more to go. No nap, but we have progress.

Okay, so I didn't rest. Then I decided to garden, in the heat. I'm an idiot. I had two new rose bushes to get in (I lost 3 during the heavy snows we had). I also had a cherry tomato and beefsteak tomato to get in. So I planted and weeded, and found aphids on the Aspen trees. I have a neighbor who has taken Master Gardener classes - she is such a great resource for whatever crap decides to come live in my little garden. So she gave me the name of a guy who treats trees with natural defenses not chemicals - so aphids beware! Your days are numbered.

And I did cast on a pair of socks this weekend. Actually, I cast them on in honor of Laura, a fellow Sea Sock cruise traveler who lost things on the ship WHICH WERE NEVER FOUND!!!!! Okay - so a little of my irritation is showing through. She lost a knitting bag. How could you not find that? So the cast on socks are Monkey socks, for the monkey business they call lost and found with Royal Caribbean.

Progress reports - 3 inches on the Dale sleeve. Garter bottom, base triangles, and the beginning of tier one on the Forest Path Stole. Not bad for feeling like crap.

It's Memorial Day - get out your flag, be glad we live in the country we live in, have a great day, I'm planning to (after I go to the grocery store!)


Mary the Digital Knitter said...

In defense of the cruise ship staff, that bag probably wasn't left lying around for them to find. A fellow knitting passenger (or, perhaps more likely, a knitting passenger's spouse) probably picked it up by mistake. The passenger may not even realize what they have or know how to return it.

This is a good argument for being sure that one's name, address, and phone number are securely attached to one's knitting bag. I suppose I should consider doing that myself. Maybe those free business cards I keep getting offered....

Diane said...

It sounds like you ended up getting somethings done this weekend. Hope you are feeling better and happy birthday to your son!

Ana said...

Hope you feel better and Happy Birthday to you son. You must have felt sick if you couldn't knit!

I know I have to be very sick not to be able to knit!

I'm watching you!