Sunday, May 13, 2007

I can never knit all of my stash in my lifetime, so girls I'm having a Stash Reduction Sale!

The first yarn up for grabs is Bonnie Chase Merino Wool. 5 stitches to one inch on #7. This is a hand paint in shades of blues and purples. 4 skeins of 550 yards each (I wound 3 of them). Originally $24.95/skein. $70 for all four.

2. This beautiful 100% cotton yarn with a sheen is Filatura Di Crose Millefili. 19 stitches to 10 cm on 3.5 to 4.5 needles. 87 yards per skein. I have 17, perfect for that summer sweater. I think this sold for $7.00/ball. I will sell it for $5.00/ball, $85.00 for all of it.

3. The yarn on the left is Madil Kid Seta. This color is called Shade, it's more of a goldy mocha. I have 10 balls of this. 70% kid mohair/30% silk. 230 yards per ball. Perfect for that shawl you wanted to make. Retails for $12.00/ball. I'll sell it for $8.00/ball.

4. The yarn on the right is Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace, colorway Mountain Creek. This is some of the last of the yarn dyed by Lorna before she sold the company. 50% silk/50% wool. Retails for $56. I'll sell it for $40.

5. Yarn on the left is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. Colorway Aslan. I have 12 skeins, 200 yards per skein, perfect for a light weight cardi. 6 inches/inch on size 4 needles. This was also dyed by Lorna. Retails for $10/skein, I'll sell it for $7.50/skein.

6. Yarn on the right is 10 skeins of black Noro Cash Iroha. 40%silk/30% lambs wool, 20%cashmere and 10% nylon. 91 meters per skein. Retails for $11/skein. I'll sell it for $7.50/skein.

7. More Noro. This is 10 skeins of Akogare, colorway 16. 45%wool/40%silk/10%angora/5%nylon. 94 meters per skein. Retails for $10.95, I'll sell it for $8.00. The yarn on the right is one skein of colorway 9.

8. This yarn on the left is handpainted merino/cotton. A 50/50 blend. Two skeins, one 455 yards, the other 517 yards. Perfect for a child's outfit or blanket. I paid $38 for both, I'll sell it for $30.
9. The yarn on the right is more Noro. This is 15 skeins of Silk Country. 88% Silk/12% Alpaca. 60 meters/skein. Originally $10.95/skein, I bought it on sale. I'll sell if for $4.00 skein.

10. Socks that Rock, lightweight, colorway Beryl. Was $19, I'll sell it for $15.
11. Socks that Rock, lightweight, colorway Rocktober, was $19, I'll sell it for $15.
12. Two skeins of Koigu, bright pinks and purple. I'll sell it for $7/skein.
13. Mama-E's C*EYE*BER Fiber, 80% superwash/20% nylon, 435 yards. Retails for $24, I'll sell it for $18.00.
14. Sweet Socks 75% superwash/25% Nylon, colorway The Comforts of home. $18.00.
The Celestrial Merino is not for sale. It's a gift for someone.

Send me an email, leave a comment on the blog or call me.


Abigail said...

I'll take the socks that rock in Beryl if its still available.

you may contact me at this email addy. a1870pearl at yahoo dot com

BTW I was on the sea sock cruise.

Thank you:D

Purple Princess said...

You have been tagged, read my blog. I know, I know but if I have to do it so do you! (:

Lindsey said...

I'll take the STR rocktober if it's still availabe.
mmoxiee at aol dot com

Kathy said...

The Socks that Rock are gone, sorry folks. Kris snapped them up the first day.

Liska said...

Erm, I just googled something and bumped into your blog. However, is the Silk country and Akogare still available?

Anonymous said...

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