Sunday, May 20, 2007

It was a tough week.

I'm not unhappy to see the back end of last week. It was a tough week for me emotionally. First - I'm not sure I want to teach knitting anymore. I like interacting with the students, and think I have a lot of knowledge. But, there are other things which are making me seriously evaluate whether I want to continue.

Then, the other half did some things which hurt me to my very core. And we had a major blow out about them yesterday. The first issue was is that there are certain things that I think you should make a person feel important about, certain days in their life. I am not saying you have to buy them expensive things, but you just make a big deal about them on that day. Now outside the immediate four of us, I will admit that I have dropped the ball, been late to honor an occasion, even with my family, but I have never not made sure the boys (including my husband) have felt special on days which I consider their days.

But I am not afforded the same, and there is always the excuse, you were out of town, how could I have done anything? Well, I am so tired of it. On days that reoccur every year I think there is plenty of time to do something, because you have 365 days to do it. And it's not the same if you don't make a big deal on the day the occasion happens.

Then I found out that he deeply resented me going on the cruise from hell. In my anger I told him that he should have been very happy that I was sick the whole time. He told me that I am not single. You know what, this was a reward to me for all the studying I did, and I knew for sure he wasn't going to do anything as a reward for my efforts - as indicated above. For goodness sake, what does he think we do on knitting trips? I told him about some husbands who follow their wives around on these things and are bored to tears. Let me tell you, he's going on one, and I'm going to make sure there are classes from morning until evening, fashion shows, and anything else to bore him crazy!

Enough of my ranting and irritation, it's out in the open now. So I am back to knitting. I am working on items I never should have pushed to the back of the line. The one on the left is a Dale man's pullover. I want it done. The other is the Forest Path shawl. Cast on for the 3rd time this morning. I was never happy with the 2nd cast on, so here we go again girls. I am on row five. And both of these will be FOs. I am promising myself.

I had a May FO to show, but I forgot to take pictures. They were cute little beaded booties for Cassidy. But I gave them to her on Saturday - so no pictures.


Purple Princess said...

Kathy, I know exactly what you mean and I feel for you. You are not alone. Sorry about the way you feel about teaching right now. You are very good and I do really appreciate everything I have learned from you. You have taught me skills that have greatly improved my knitting.

Agnes said...

Wish the 3rd time is the charm for you!