Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I am back. And oh so glad to be on terra firma.

I am not a sailor. Which is surprising, because I used to sail sailboats. I used to do teak work on yachts and make good money doing it. All of this when I lived in South Florida. Something happened when I moved away. I have gotten seasick on one day cruises, I got seasick on a whale watching trip. Now to top it off, I managed to be seasick on the entire Sea Sock Cruise, or should I call it the Sea Sick Cruise or Sea Suck Cruise?

Now I had the seasick patch on. What’s the deal? I ended up going to the ship’s doctor later in the week, couldn’t understand him through his accent, but he was easy on the eyes, and ended up getting a shot in the butt. So I missed the chocolate buffet and the midnight buffet, and ripped out horrible knitting that I did through the worst of it. It will be a cold day in hell, before this girl gets her hiney on a cruise ship again.

I did love the land though. Marin Fiber Arts was our first yarn crawl after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge out of San Francisco. And I bought yarn. Gifts for friends and gifts for me. Did I say I was still seasick and swaying back and forth in the store? And was there an immigration march outside the store going on? (Don’t ask me why they picked San Rafael to do their march). That must be why I bought lots of sock and shawl yarn. By the way pictures will come later in the week.

We got back on the ship, which I wanted off of, and cruised up to Victoria. The seas were 10 to 12 feet. Okay, yep the girl is getting more seasick. Get me to land please. We docked in Victoria and went to Butchart Gardens. GORGEOUS!!!!! Tulips everywhere. Wait until you see pictures! Oh and this was the day I found out I passed the bar exam. YAY!! That’s over. I get sworn in on May 16th.

After the gardens we did another yarn crawl at the Bee Hive Yarn Shop. Of course more yarn was purchased. Sea silk – wait until you see this. Fleece artist. Hand Maiden. Is there room in the suitcases? Back to the ship, crap!

On to Vancouver. Someone please kill me now! I hate cruising! Get me the hell off of this boat! Bus tour through Vancouver. What was the driver thinking? I saw a hooker get into a car. I saw druggies, I saw homeless, all in the first 20 minutes. Then to Stanley Park, a large urban park bordering Vancouver. Pretty, but with many downed trees from a major winter storm that hit Vancouver. Then lunch and another yarn store. I didn’t buy anything. Can you believe it? Me neither. It was very tiny, and geared more to spinners.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Vancouver. We hit 2 more yarn store – 3 Bags Full (Isn’t that a cute name?) and Urban yarns. I have more shawl and sock yarn. Ideas for classes, and full suitcases. And have you been to LUSH? Oh girls, stuff to pamper you. Bath products and cosmetics. Bath balls that release rose petals and butterflies. What a store!

We took the train down to Seattle from Vancouver. I didn’t get motion sickness on that. IT’S SHIPS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM!!! I enjoyed it very much. Had great laughs with Ana from Venice. (I’ve got my eyes on you!) She sells used English cars in Venice, CA and of course knits.

Then the last thing. I left the back of my Mandolin jacket on the ship. Eleven colors of Koigu. 90 mitered squares. I’m numb right now. In my mind it’s gone forever. CRAP.

Not a great ten days. Great company though. Great yarn stores. Good food. Just wasn’t what I thought would happen.

Pictures later this week. Someone please find my knitting and send it to me. Please.


Ana said...

I have my eye on YOU!

Loved meeting you!

Happy Knitting,

Purple Princess said...

I am glad you are back and I am so sorry you were so seasick. I can't wait to see everything you brought back. I am thinking only happy thoughts about the Mandolin. thank you for my yarn and st marker necklace. Did I tell you I lov ethem. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Joanne said...

I sure hope the Mandarin Jacket back shows up. Will you reknit it if you don't get it back?

Denise/CT said...

Oh I feel for you. I so wanted to go on this cruise, but like you I get very sea sick. I am glad that you did manage to find a few things on land to delight in. I will send good vibes your way to get the return of your Mandolin back. I have faith it will show up in the lost and found department for you to claim. Perhaps this is the time to practice "the squeeky wheel gets the oil" mantra?

AND a BIG congratulations on passing the bar exam. Now that is no small feat!!

Looking forward to your pictures. How's the FPS coming along?

Chrissy said...

Sorry to hear you were sea sick. I'm glad you stuck around in Vancouver for long enough to check out some better yarn stores. My LYS is Three Bags Full. I was shocked to hear that the only Vancouver yarn store planned for the tour was Birkeland Bros.

Laura said...

Hi Kathy! Have you heard anything from the ship regarding your jacket yet? I too was heartbroken -- I left my travel knitting in the Windjammer Cafe as we were getting ready to disembark -- three skeins of raffia and a skein of Mama E's sock yarn that I bought at Marin Fiber Arts. That is nothing compared to your loss, but I've still been heartbroken because both of those yarns were my "souvenir memory yarns" that I bought :( I'm so frustrated because the cruise line STILL have not called me back(since the Friday we disembarked)! I called them again yesterday and they told me they still have not heard back from the ship. I begged them to please check! ARGH!

But congrats on the Bar and sorry about the sickness but it WAS still really nice to meet you. I loved Ana too!