Thursday, March 15, 2007

RIP IT!!! Or shall we say Hello Kermit?

I am so in the frog pond. Make that, the get new yarn, and start the whole dog gone thing over, pond.

I have been working on the Forest Path Shawl. By the way I hate nupps. Purling 5 stitches together on size 3 needles is driving me crazy.

Anyway, I have been working steadily on the shawl this week, and kept asking myself, this is a masterpiece, why am I not making this in white or cream? But I kept going with my green, because of the leaf theme.

Last night at 10 PM, after ripping out the lily of the valley motif for what seemed like the hundredth time, I said to myself, that’s enough. Time to start over in the right color yarn.

So I trotted down the hall way to the stash that can rival anyone’s, and decided what white lace weight yarn that I wanted to use.

I pulled out a monster cone of 100% Alpaca cream lace weight from West Valley Alpacas that has been in the stash since May of 2003, waiting for the right project. I then trotted back to the bedroom, put on the food channel and cast back on.

I’m on row five of the seed stitch bottom. Here we go again!

March Madness starts today. I’ve picked my brackets. Go Gators!


Agnes said...

You are really brave! Good luck!

Debi said...

Good for you Kathy! You have to have the yarn that's "perfect" for a committment like the FPS!