Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's been a long week.

This week has not been fun.

A lot of crap went on at work this week, nothing that had to do with what I do or how I do it, but rather it concerned people, their own agendas and their true natures coming out.

We had people working at an off site location that were told that they were to move in to the building I'm at. One of these people was determined to get me moved out of what he said was the corner window office. So through a thinly disguised rationale designed to advance his own agenda, he succeeded in convincing the powers that be that I should move, since I am not a division employee, rather a headquarters employee assigned to the field. So through his lies and whining I am again moving to another office, without the new carpet I fought for, and with less space. And to top it off, I have known this guy for probably more than 10 years. When he needed help to get promoted I helped him and also gave a good recommendation. Amazing. I have no desire to even look at him. His behaviour along with several others this week has been quite revealing as to people's true colors. Oh - and this all happened when I was working in Phoenix and wasn't around to present arguments in person and expose his true nature.

So today, when I looked down at the needles I was using I noticed that I had bent the heck out of one. It must have been when I was knitting pissed, thinking about some of the crap going on. Too hard on the Addi I'm afraid. I didn't get much knitting done, except for Thursday night when the plane home was delayed and didn't get in until almost midnight.

Sorry about the tone of this. It's my only way to express my frustration without coming across as a person who is not a team player at work. I wish I could have retired, I would have walked out this week.

Speaking of teams, Gators are in the Final 4 tonight. Probably will be another heart attack game. I listened to the last one on the radio so I didn't have to watch and worry about a choke. I'm looking forward to getting some good knitting done today, though I have to make one of the boys a costume for a play.

Sun is out, I'm not at work, it is looking like a good day!

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Joanne said...

Sounds like somebody needs a vacation! :-)