Sunday, March 25, 2007

Can you say shawls?

It's a shawl day. I broke these two out of the stash and will try make some good progress on them this week. I'm a little down on my sweater knitting lately. I need a dress form to fit me. I looked at the My Twin forms at Joann's this week, but am not sure that is what I am looking for. Anyone out there know where I can get one made to my measurements?

It sure is a pretty day today. I wish you could look out the window with me. What a change from Saturday. I don't know if you saw it yesterday, but we had rain mixed with show, and let me say this I have never seen snow flakes that big in my life. The flakes were the size of quarters. Granted it turned back to rain, and there was no accumulation, but it sure was interesting to watch. Leaves are out, I'm watching the lilacs, can't wait to see them. I'm not sure how many rose bushes I lost during all that snow, but it is looking like three.

Classes went well yesterday at String. I can't wait to see how the beaded bags turn out. And the Fair Isle Jazz scarves are coming along, just in time for Spring (oh well, they will look great next fall).

The Sea Socks Cruise is about a month away. Woo hoo! Boy am I looking forward to that.

March madness - I was so disappointed yesterday, and part of me thinks today just might not be a good day for the Gators. I hope I am wrong. I don't know if I can watch.

Have you ever checked the Foxy Knits web site? 200 colors of Koigu. I need 14 for a new project. I'm hoping they can help me out.


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Joanne said...

I'm collecting Koigu in various reds... same project as yours. I'm going to bring along samples of the ones I have and hope to add to them on the cruise. I think I'll make the border in a wine color. Between that and my travel afghan, I have a mission when I shop!

By the way, we should find the Japanese bookstore in Vancouver. I'm getting a nice collection of Japanese knitting books. Wonderful patterns.