Sunday, January 16, 2011

You know, I have been knitting....

Really I have.  I have two pairs of socks in the current rotation, a shawl, and a stranded knitting project.  Which is a sweater.  Make that a coat.  Make that a swing coat.  On size 2.75mm needles.  Did I say the biggest needle currently being knitted on is a 3.25mm for any project?  Yeah, the fingers do get tired, and the hands get cramped.

And I have been spinning.  Mostly because of a big box that is staring at me in the front hallway.  And the contents that are mocking me.  Two fleeces.  Processed and made into beautiful pin drafted roving by Morro Fleece Works.  Did I mention that there is more than enough for me to have wool for two sweaters?  One fleece is for my oldest son.  It is a Jacob fleece, and he loves Jacob sheep.  So that sweater will be for him.  The other fleece is a beautiful brown CVM.  That's for me.  But I want to practice more before I start on these fleece.  So spin a bit a day until I have the nerve to dive into the box.  Hmm....

Reading, I have been reading also.  Adding to this year's list are the following:
2.  Hot Six by Janet Evanovich
3.  Fool's Puzzle by Earlene Fowler
4.  Irish Chain by Earlene Fowler
5.  Fiber and Brimstone by Laura Childs
I have more books to get to upstairs.  Now if I could only, knit, spin, listen to podcasts, watch my DVR'd TV shows and read at the same time I'd be doing okay.

Time to knit.....

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Joanne said...

And a Bohus!!

Are you going to any Stitches events this year? I'm all booked and ready to go to South, with extra days for sightseeing thrown in.

Hope to catch up with you sometime in the new year.