Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Year Wiser?

Another year in the books folks.  Yes, my birthday was yesterday.  I look in the mirror sometimes and find it hard to believe that I am this old, but again there are days that I feel like I am closer to 80, and then there are days that I feel like I was back in college at the University of Florida - usually when some song comes on and I start dancing around the house or singing at the top of my lungs in the car.  By the way, you will be glad that my singing is by myself in the car, because this girl is not known for her ability to sing.

Well, first things first, let me finish my countdown of books read since my last birthday.  I did quite well with this goal of mine - I wanted to read at least 26 books during the year.  And the final count since December 15, 2009:

45.  The Quilter's Kitchen by Jennifer Chiaverini
46.  A Quilter's Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini
47.  While My Pretty One Knits by Anne Canadeo
48.  Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canadeo

Not too bad, almost averaged a book a week, which is something since I always tend to be knitting in my spare time.  So, I am going to continue with my reading goal for next year, and since I finished a book last night -

Books read since December 15, 2010:
1.  High Five by Janet Evanovich

I need to place a library hold on the next book in the series - Hot Six.  I also have 6 or more library books checked out, and some of them are in the quilt series by Earlene Fowler.  So I have plenty to read for the next few weeks.

Knitting wise, well, not very much in the way of progress over the past year.  I think I have ripped out more projects in the past year than I have ever ripped out before.  I don't know if this is due to my perfectionist attitude when it comes to knitting, my inability to decide on sizes for myself when it comes to sweaters (and I know this is due to body changes as we girls get older if you know what I mean), or boredom with projects. 

I have been on a sock kick lately which is strange for me since I consider myself a sweater knitter.  I have been knitting with some really nice sock yarns lately - Madeline Tosh, Casbah Sock by Handmaiden, and one of the nicest yarns that just feels so great in the hands - Serenity 20 by Zen Yarn Garden.  I have a couple of books that I want to knit many pairs of socks out of - Wendy Johnson's books and of course Cookie A's.  And since I have an enormous sock yarn stash, I have plenty to keep me going on my quest to finish at least one pair per month.

Shoulder update - Well I go back to the surgeon this morning.  I do not have a full range of motion back, but it is improving.  The hardest thing for me is so far I cannot use my poles while skiing,or it sends a jolt up the arm into the shoulder.  We went 2 weeks ago, and using my poles on the flats at the lift lines hurt.  I am getting a little concerned because we have plans to ski for six days straight.  Oh well, I can always go knit while DH skis and the kids are in ski school right?

Next year I would like to go to some knitting events that I haven't attended in the past - maybe the Taos Wool festival, and some others.  So no Madrona or Stitches West for me in 2011, although I might go to Stitches East or who knows Rhinebeck.

Knitting goals, well to take a page from Jasmin over at the Knitmore Girls, Kathy 2011 is going to be about finishing projects and knitting socks.  Identify the ones I really want done and get to them.  I am still on a cable kick and also color work, and have many beautiful sweaters in the queue.  So, let's see what Kathy 2011 can accomplish.

Job - I love working for the Judge.  Let's just say I have NEVER worked in such a nice environment (now I am talking the people I am working with, not some of the crazies who are getting divorced or have child support or maintenance issues).  She doesn't knit, but appreciates the things I work on.  She makes jewelry which is lovely.  And I have NEVER had a boss who treated me so kindly on my birthday and I have only worked for her for almost 3 months.    So, thank you Judge. 

That's about it for the update.  I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season. 

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