Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Another year older!  Boy, where did the year go?  I had some firsts this year.  I had the garden in the open space and enjoyed the fruits of my labors.  I learned that 9 tomato plants are too many and that I needed more time to harvest corn.  I also learned that acorn squash and I just don't have a good relationship!  My best crops were the squash, tomatoes and cucumbers.  Next year I will also plant zucchini and maybe try some greens.

Reading, well only 38 books since my last birthday, compared to 48 the year before.  I really enjoy reading, but I don't read as much as I used to because I watch and listen to many podcasts and television shows.  So, starting the annual list, books read since December 15, 2011 - none.  I will finish the Bible again this year as I listen to the Daily Audio Bible.

Knee update, well, another set back.  The knee had to be drained again this morning for the 4th time and I am back on crutches.  Sigh, Happy Birthday to me!  But hey!  It sure could be a lot worse!  I start physical therapy on Friday and if they can't get the knee to fully straighten or bend beyond 110 degrees, I get to have the surgeon do it while I am "sleeping."  So either way it's going to hurt like blue blazes.  Here's to finally getting a working knee back.

Christmas, well, I haven't done any shopping, we don't have a tree up yet.  My goodness.  See what happens when a surgery issue occupies your time for the past 35 days?  I think the internet is going to be my friend and there are going to be some late gifts this year.  I don't even want to think about Christmas cards.  Maybe we will do New Years cards this year.

Knitting, well, slow is the name of the game.  There are lovely things that I want to finish and two KALS that I am participating in, one that is starting December 26, 2011 and one that I am moderating and starts January 1, 2012.  The first one is the Takoma Cardigan which is a lovely stranded cardigan from Knitty Deep Fall 2011.  Mine is going to be in shades of grey, natural and turquoise.  I really am looking forward to wearing this cardigan and as it is knitted in Cascade Eco Wool and Eco + it should be a quick knit.  The KAL is one I am hosting in the Black Water Abbey group on Ravelry.  We are having a cardigan knit along, but if you want to knit a pullover, that's okay too.  I will be knitting Trillium in the colors of Bracken and Ecru and I think it is going to look very nice.  You have four months to finish your cardigan in this group.

My goal this year is to Finish what I start.  Now I know I have numerous projects on the needles, and I want to finish many this year.  There are just too many pretty things that I want to wear before they are out of style.

My birthday knitting this year will be the Sheep Heid hat/tam.  As a knitter and a spinner, how could I not knit this hat?  The stranded work will keep me interested, plus it's just too cute not to knit.

Crochet.  I had started on my Rowan jacket, but it is slow going as I need to ensure that the squares are uniform.  There are 4 different square patterns for a total of 96 squares.  When I did the original 4, 2 came out a little bit larger than the first two.  So, I am going to crochet patterns 3 and 4 first and then make sure the other two patterns come out the correct size.

Well, that's about all.  I start my new job ob December 27, 2011 and I am looking forward to learning something new.

Happy Birthday!


Sharon T said...
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Sharon T said...

Wishing you a Happy Birthday! I hope 2012 is a great year for you.

Brenda M. said...

Happy birthday! What a fantastic idea - making your resolutions around your birthday instead of the calendar year. I hope you have a fabulous day, and year.

Batook das said...

Thanks for your happy birth day 2011.
I pray that 2012 will your memorable year.
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