Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nice Knee!

2011-11-16 08.03.17.jpg by Mountain Purl
2011-11-16 08.03.17.jpg, a photo by Mountain Purl on Flickr.
Like the knee? That's 7 days after surgery. At least my toes aren't swollen any more.  I go to the surgeon this morning to get the stitches out.  And see if I get to ski at all this season. I was doing okay until last night until it started swelling above the knee cap.  You see, I fell during skiing in March and messed up the knee and the collateral ligament and didn't get it checked out until 6 or so months later.  I thought - I can walk, how bad can it be?  Yeah, should have checked it earlier.

Speaking of getting things checked out - do you get bone density scans?  Are you around my age then you should.  I had my second one in 2 years 2 weeks ago.  Well, let's just say - guess who will be starting osteoporosis medicine next week?  They are almost positive it's heredity and that I just don't absorb calcium.  So there you go.

One thing about having surgery, you have a lot of knitting and reading time if you don't have to take serious drugs.  So I have been knitting and reading a lot lately.  I should soon have some finished objects.

So books read since December 15, 2011:
32.  Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich
33.  Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich'
34.  Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs: a Dixie Hemingway Mystery by Blaize Clement
35.  Cat Sitter among the Pigeons: a Dixie Hemingway Mysterys by Blaize Clement
36.  Hiss of Death, A Mrs Murphy Mystery by Rita Mae Brown

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