Monday, August 15, 2011

A finished object

CIMG1332 by Mountain Purl
CIMG1332, a photo by Mountain Purl on Flickr.
I finished some socks last night. Which for me is an accomplishment because I am the self-professed Queen of the one sock.  These were started in March and the yarn is from the first Sea Socks cruise in 2007.  Well, at least I went stash diving right?  The pattern is Hermione's Everyday Socks.

Reading, well only one more book to add to the list:

23.  Blackwork by Monica Ferris

I really enjoy her books. They are mysteries set in a needlework store in Minnesota.  I have one more of her books to read that I got from the library. Maybe this week.

Knitting, whole lot of knitting going on and not a lot of progress.  Back to the knitting ADD, flitting from project to project.  I am designing a triangular shawl though.  I am not too sure about the yarn.  I had ordered some Todd and Duncan cashmere singles from Colourmart that I had spun into a 2 ply.  I am now wishing I had ordered a 3 ply.  I have to use a small needle, I am thinking I am on a US 1 to get the textured knitted fabric I want.  So knitting is slowwwww......

The garden.  Boy am I getting tomatoes and cucumbers.  The jalapenos are smoking hot.  Lots of produce - I am happy.

That's all for now, time to go knit!

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Joanne said...

Nice socks! I also need to go stash diving and use the yarns from the cruise).