Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today after my seminar I took a walk around the University of South Carolina Campus. And as I walked around the campus, it reminded me of me, 30, yes 30 years ago, walking around the University of Florida campus. A junior, I think at the time I may have been a marine biology major.

It's hard to believe that was me 30 years ago. As I looked at the students, huddled against the cold wind, they looked so young. And I wondered what kind of dreams do they have? Do they worry about shootings that happened on other campuses? Where are they from? Where are they going? And I thought about myself.

I'm not doing what I thought I would be going when I was in Gainesville. Law School had not crossed my mind. I never once thought I would end up in Colorado. I love the water. I used to do teak work on sailboats. There are no oceans in Colorado. I have children. I never planned on having kids. Having 2 brothers and 2 sisters turned me off of that idea.

Hmm, look where I am now. Things change. Doors open, doors shut. People come in and out of your life. Hmm. But things start new. The azaleas are beginning to bloom around the campus. The bright magenta ones are appearing first. I saw tulip trees in bloom today and daffodils. Life goes on, in a different path.

I hope to knit tonight. I think I lost some knitting, but I don't want to think about it, because I still have hope it fell out of my bag on the shuttle from the airport, and I'm checking with that bus driver tomorrow morning. If not, okay, I have to start over, and it's my test knitting. Oh well, there is nothing I can do until that bus is driven over here, and it has not been to the Center since Monday night. I still have some hope.


Anonymous said...

It is fun to step out of your life and look in from a different angle sometimes, isn't it. I have my 20 year high school reunion this summer and I was thinking of how life turned out so different for me too. I had never been out of WI and just wanted to live in a big city and have kids. I got the city but changed my mind about the kids. Life is good for us in Colorado, ha? :) Have fun while you are out there!

Joanne said...

Life certainly does change. When I was in college, I thought I'd be in Canada, teaching school until retirement. Colorado was just a place I'd seen on a map. Who knew I'd end up living here as an American citizen?

Keep in touch! Joanne