Thursday, December 14, 2006

Am I going to get home today?

Well, I'm in Seattle and the weather report is not looking too good right now for my 3PM flight. When I arrived here yesterday, the wind gusts were so bad that the wings rocked on the plane. Thank goodness for great pilots. We all clapped when he got that bird on the ground. The winds yesterday were up to 45 miles an hour. Today is going to be worse. There's a monster of a storm heading right this way, and they are expecting hurricane force winds later today and tonight of maybe 85 miles an hour. Oh my!

But, I do have yarn, and a hotel I can check back in to, but I do not think I want to be back on the 26th floor. I went walking down by the waterfront and found So Much Yarn ( at 23rd and Bell. Very nice shop, yarns pretty close to what Cassidy has at my LYS, but I did find some really nice things. I bought a new bag, as if I needed another one, but it has beads on it, the girl does like bling! I bought some new Karabella Cashmere/merino blend that is oh so soft in a beautiful sherry brown for a scarf for me. I bought some yarn for presents, so I won't say what I am making out of it, some needles, and Chibis since I forgot mine.

Afterwards, I went to this wonderful Thai restaurant recommended to me by the nice guy, yes guy working at the yarn store (2 guys were knitting when I arrived). Oh man, was that good! I had a nice, dry Chardonnay with Phud Thay which was nice and spicy and Yummy! It had salmon (of course, I am in Seattle you know), squid, shrimp, lemongrass, assorted veggies and chili paste. Man oh man, I hope I come back here soon, because I know where I am eating.

Well, I need to get to work, maybe I'll be home tonight, maybe tomorrow, it is my birthday then you know. ....K


Leanne said...

Hey Kathy,

I hope you get home for your birthday. I am thinking of you... the weather is nice here! At least you have yarn!


Louise said...

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you got home in time and had a great celebration.