Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Been a while

Wow, a month since I last posted. Well, I know I have done some reading because I have books to add to the reading list:

9. Blood Orange Brewing by Laura Childs
10. Double Black, A Ski Diva Mystery by Wendy Clinch
11. Lavender Morning by Jude Deverauux

And I have been knitting, but with a whole lot of ripping going on. You see, I am enamoured with Maggie Jackson patterns. I have her book Maggie's Ireland, and besides drooling over the pictures and wanting to go to Ireland to see it for myself, I love her designs. Mainly because they are unique. I have yarn to make many of her things in the stash (okay so I know that is NOT a surprise) and I recently bought yarn for her most recent design that was in the Stitches West fashion show - a suit comprised of a skirt, tunic and shawl in a light pink linen with angora and silver. Oh, it is pretty.

So I have been knitting and ripping, trying to get gauge with the Maggi's Linen. Sigh...
After reading the boards in her group, I have decided the heck with the row gauge and just knit the number of inches required in each stitch pattern and go with the stitch gauge. And I'm working on another suit first in natural linen, with white and silver. Let's see how it goes. I really want to wear these suits. Oh, I have a coat to knit also, and another wrap and 2 tops. Yes, I like her designs.

Now I just need to knit them.

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