Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Confession Time

I have a confession to make. I have a sock drawer. And it is filled with socks. But on to the confession. None of them are handmade. All right, there is a pair of handknit socks in there, but they were made on a sock machine, but not by me. I even received 2 pairs of socks for my birthday, both store bought.

The funny thing is, I have taught sock classes, both top down and toe up. So where are my socks? I'm thinking in the yarn room waiting either to be finished, ripped out, or started. It's not like I don't have yarn to knit, because anyone who knows me, knows that is far from the truth. It may be that I am a sweater knitter and a lace knitter, and that is what I would rather be knitting. I don't mind the small needles, so that is not the problem, in fact I have some sweaters to knit on size 0 and 00. So, what is it? It may be the boredom of knitting the second sock after the first is done. It's definitely not a dearth of sock patterns, because I have patterns and books aplenty. And, it's not that I don't bring knitting along everywhere I go, because I am never found without knitting close by.

So, I have decided to set a goal. You see, my birthday was a week ago, and I was thinking about some of the things I would like to do before my next birthday. And one of them was to knit up some of that sock yarn. Into socks. Not lace, not gloves, but socks. And my goal is at least 12 pairs by next December 15th. So, I cast on a pair last night.

I have also decided to read more. I love to read, and knitting has interferred with the amount of reading I used to do. So, I am going to try to read a book at least every 2 weeks. So, 26 books by December 15th. I would also like to read the Bible in a year.

Lastly, I am going to take photography classes. My birthday/Christmas present was a Nikon D90. I want to become a good photographer. I have signed up for some classes at the local community college, and my camera also came with 18 classes, so I will be signing up for them next week. Colorado is God's country, and I want to take beautiful photographs of it. I also want to take better pictures of my knitting.

And, I am going to knit and finish sweaters. On Friday, a friend told me that I must have such a fabulous wardrobe of sweaters. Little did she know that I do, but they are in various stages of completion. I need to work on that.

So there it is. And it's time to knit!

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to watching your socks get knit up! There is nothing like wearing socks that you have knit yourself and they are so warm to wear in the winter! Great idea on the photo classes! I think that would be great!