Friday, December 19, 2008

Forever 39

Okay, I will get to the title a bit later, but first I need to get to a VERY LONG OVER DUE THANK YOU!

Approximately a month ago, I received this package. I was one of the lucky three winners on Coggie's Blog Anniversary give-away over at her blog, And it has been sitting right next to the computer, waiting for me to take a picture to show off all of my goodies and say thanks. And being a very bad blogger, I haven't blogged much, and alas, my thanks are way over due. Miss Manners would be appalled. So, I am going to thank Coggie here - THANK YOU and privately, and now I will show off my goodies. I have kitty sticky notes, and two other note pads. I have a button with my Ravelry picture on it that I can now wear to Stitches South - so Cool! I have candy that I am not going to share, never mind that I stole the Milk Duds out of my kids' treat or treat bags, these are MOMS!!!! And I have Gold Nuggets which are ChocoRocks which I know youngest son will try to snag, but then, I am faster than him even though he says he is the King of Chocolate. Never mind that I am the Queen of Everything! Anyway, back to goodies, I have new yarn, which is not entered into the enormous stash of hell yet, but oh, this is NEW yarn which I have never seen before. It is Socktails by Carpe Dye 'Em (Cute name eh?) in the color Royal Matador. Now isn't that fitting for the Queen of Everything? 400 yards. Oh, Coggie, are you trying to make me finish a pair of socks and enough already with the orphans? Okay, back to the goodies, the last thing is a wraps per inch key from Hornshaw Wood Works (by the way go over there and look at the swift and the sock blockers), which is great because guess who wants to learn how to spin in 2009? And asked for donations for a wheel for Christmas instead of presents? So, again, thank you Coggie, what a great package, and I apologize for being a slug.

By the way CoggieTM and BammerKT have a great podcast - The High Fiber Diet. Go over to ITunes and check it out.

Okay, what other thank yous? Thank you all who wished me a Happy Birthday this week. I'm staying 39 forever, like Jack Benny. I think he celebrated his 39th birthday 41 times. Some of you know how many times I have celebrated it don't you? But I'm younger than you!

Knitting, shall I call it project flitting or knitting ADD? I think the reason that I cannot really concentrate on one project is that I am trying to figure out what I am going to do. I want to retire as soon as possible, but I need to do something else. That something else is the problem because I don't know what it is. I know I want to work part-time. I am done with working 50 hours a week. Anyone got any ideas? Know of any positions? Have any friends?


Joanne said...

Okay, so you ARE younger me... hahaha... only chronologically!!

Great stash additions. Part-time job? It should involve knitting, don't you think? My part-time job at A Knitted Peace is VERY satisfying and I highly recommend something like that.

Speaking of saying thank you... I really like the gifts you brought me yesterday and will be thanking you on my blog, as soon as I get around to posting (soon!)

Cathy R said...

Um, you could come teach Chemistry Labs.

I'm just sayin' is all...